Delivery & Ordering Information


1 - The Customer must place an order via our online store.

2 - Orders and Queries can be sent directly via email to

  • All correct information and requests to be clearly stated or FAB Candles SA will not be able to process your order correctly which in turn will delay the dispatching of the order.
  • FAB Candles SA has the right to reject an order or part of an order and any funds will be paid back to the client.
  • Customers are to make 100% sure of the color they are ordering as FAB Candles SA will not be responsible if you order RED and we send you RED and you wanted RED WINE - FAB Candles SA will strictly not accept any color Candle Returns.  
  • A New order for the correct Color to be placed and paid for by the customer
  • NO Refunds will be done for incorrect color ordered candles.

RULE 2 - delivery

FAB Candles SA uses a courier company for all delivery and all orders will be sent with our courier to your door.

All addresses to be correctly supplied to ensure a smooth delivery of your order.

Courier deliveries will take between 1 -4 days to be delivered, depending where you are based.

FAB Candles SA will send out the Tracking Number and Link in order for you to track your parcel

FAB Candles SA will not be responsible for the tracking of the parcel once it has been collected, this will completely be up to the client to track and trace your order.