Terms & Conditions


  • When a Customer creates an Account with FAB Candles SA the Customer will have the option to either sign up for a Newsletter or not.
  • Customers may unsubscribe to our Newsletters at any time.  
  • A Newsletter will be sent out to Customers once every 2 months only, unless there are specials or competitions on at that particular time.  
  • Newsletters may include in Sales, Marketing & Competitions. 
  • Other communication may include in Order and Account Status information.  
  • FAB Candles SA will strictly not share or disclose your personal information to any 3rd party or other affiliates. 


  • All Prices displayed on FAB Candles SA Store is in ZAR (South African Rand).
  • Currency Conversion take place online at the rate applicable at the time of the Purchase.  
  • FAB Candles SA have the right to change any prices at our Online Store at any time without prior notice.
  • FAB Candles SA have the right to amend the pricing on the Invoice before sent to the Customer should there be an increase.
  • All Invoices are to be paid within 5 days, should payment not be received within 5 days your order will be Cancelled, you will be liable to re-order and pay the price as per the website at the time.
  • NO exceptions will be accepted.


  • All International Orders will be sent on an Exwork Basis.  
  • FAB Candles SA will send out a Quotation for any Fees, Charges, Tarriffs, Seafreight, Airfreight, Handling Fees and duties for all International Orders.  
  • International Orders will only be dispatched 2 weeks after the payment has reflected in our accounts.
  • All Paperwork will be sent with the Forwarder and copies will be sent the client.
  • All Delivery Addresses and contact information must be correct - FAB Candles SA will charge an additional fee should we need to amend the paperwork once it has been drawn up.
  • Once the Order has been placed with FAB Candles SA - No cancellations will be accepted.
  • No International returns will be accepted.


  • All Payments strictly to be paid into our account via EFT before any goods are dispatched.
  • FAB Candles SA website has a secure online payment option with Payfast which can be used by our clients.
  • FAB Candles SA will not be held responsible should the Customer pay funds into the incorrect account if the correct details were supplied by FAB Candles SA.  
  • Goods will not be dispatched until the funds are visible in FAB Candles SA banking Account.
  • FAB Candles SA will not accept any cash through the mail.
  • Proof of payment to be mailed to payments@fabcandles-sa.com & Ref to be the Invoice or Order Number.
  • Payments can take up to 2-5 days to reflect in our account depending on whom you bank with as FAB Candles SA banks with First National Bank.
  • Orders will only be dispatched when the monies reflect in our account - this is unfortunately a strict policy as we have encountered issues in the past and stop and return payments done.
  • Credit's will be done on the 25th of the month should your order be cancelled and approved for credit by FAB Candles SA.


  • FAB Candles SA does not keep stock available as all our orders are made from scratched as we are a small home business.  
  • Orders can take between 7-15 days before it will be delivered, we pride in our work and do not like to rush orders.
  • FAB Candles SA may at any time change the range of products or Specification of any products at any time without prior notice.
  • Take note of the Lead Times on all our Products to avoid dissappointment.


  • FAB Candles SA reserves the right to cancel an order that FAB Candles SA believes to be fraudulent or inappropriate.  
  • FAB Candles SA reserves the right to cancel any customers orders should we have discontinued the products - regardless whether the customer has already paid for the item FAB Candles SA has the right to cancel the order and the Customer will be refunded for the item.  
  • No Cancellations will be accepted for printed or novelty candles at all - once the artwork is approved and payment received, we will not cancel the order as its a special order and cannot be sold to anyone else.
  • Orders that are placed and have not been paid for within 5 days of ordering, FAB Candles SA will cancel the order and the Customer must replace the order.  
  • A Customer cannot ask for old Pricing if the order was not paid within 5 days of ordering and the customer will be liable to pay the new price. (Should there have been a price increase within that time period)
  • Strictly No returns will be accepted on any color candles. If you want Red we will send Red, should you want Wine Red you need to clearly state this and we will NOT accept any returns on color candles.