FAB Candles SA

About FAB Candles SA

FAB Candles SA was founded in 2000 by Flavia Bovo.  It started off as a Part Time Hobby while doing a full time Job.  The Passion that I had for designing and making Candles was one of the most amazing things, it takes you to a whole new world making candles is so relaxing and calming and then end result is out of this world.

I had done alot of little orders for a few Clients and was told that the work that had been done is amazing, I then got more and more business as I grew.  I had then realized that I had a little side business that was bringing joy to everyone I was making Candles for.

I had one of the biggest accomplishments when I was asked to make Candles for a Client and they came out amazing, the Client contacted me to advise that she would be mentioning my name in The Real Brides Magazine where she was going to be interviewed, I then immediately got a copy and saw my work in the Magazine and I was instantly Product of what I had achieved.

This is when I took my little home hobby and turned it into a small part time business and have been working hard at it ever since - my goal is to have a little store one day and create more jobs for those that need, but for now, working at home and doing my Candles is my passion.

Thank you to each and every Client that I have had throughout the years.

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